Caroline Ritchie Gamba & Cello

Caroline Ritchie

Caroline Ritchie  studied musicology at Oxford University and baroque cello and viols at the Royal Academy of Music, London. A long fascination with the music of the Renaissance and Early Baroque led her to continue her studies at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland, where she specialised in the virtuoso 16th century music for viola bastarda. Caroline pursues a busy freelance career across Europe, performing on instruments from medieval fidel and treble viol to baroque gamba and bass violin. She teaches consort playing at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and has edited works by Pergolesi and Vivaldi for Bärenreiter. Her ensemble Habsburger Camerata (Freiburg) appeared at the finals of the Young Artists Presentation in the 2011 York Early Music Festival, and her duo with harpsichordist Ralph Stelzenmüller, described by the press as ‘musical fireworks’, performs regularly throughout Europe.

Ann Allen oboe 
Corina Marti recorders
Matthew Lonson
Caroline Ritchie cello
Clara Gervais bass 
Ralph Stelzenmuller harpsichord 
Ulrike Hofbauer soprano 


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